Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Too Many Cooks

It turns out I may have something against cooks.

Let me back up a bit: a few months ago, my daughter decided that it was time to switch up our car adventures; we would now be ninjas.  Tragic ones, of course (I had told her a heavily, heavily, HEAVILY edited version of the anime Basilisk).

We picked different powers.  I had 'whisper powers', used to disorient foes and communicate long distances.  She could, uh, cut herself and create blood constructs (like dragons, or dragons, or... actually, her constructs were always dragons).  We belonged to different clans, and due to events of a suspicious nature, our clans fought each other to near extinction.

Of course a third party was involved, and as the last surviving members of our clan, it was our duty to hunt down those responsible and terminate them.  In order to do so we had to destroy four competing ninja clans: a wind clan, a water clan, an earth clan, and a fire clan.

We started with the water clan, whose stronghold was located within the hollows of twin rocks jutting out of the sea.  Carefully swimming to the entrance (which was located near the bottom of the ocean), we made our way up to the peak of the rock... only to have an alarm sound.

With little options, we ducked into a nearby room.  This was the kitchen.  There was a ninja cook inside.  And my daughter TOOK CARE OF BUSINESS ("you know what that means," she said).

After we finished off the water clan, we started hunting the earth clan.  They were located, well, below the earth.  So even though we knew the general location of their hideout, it was impossible to find the way in... that is, until we thought to survey the skies on the back of her, uh, blood dragon.  From there we were able to spot a thin plume of smoke seeping out of the ground.  It was a tiny chimney, one that we used to gain entrance through the use of explosives, and once the hole was big enough we jumped into a kitchen, only to have...

"Wait," my daughter interrupted.  "Are we fighting another ninja cook?"

"Oh.  Uh.  Yes.  Yes, we are."

"Do you not like cooks or something?"

"I like them fine!  It's just that..."  I trailed off, unable to give a satisfactory answer as to why we kept murdering ninja cooks, and the next day we switched to a different game.

I still don't know why my mind kept getting drawn to ninja cooks.  I can say that creating adventures on the fly in the car is a situation that does not always lend itself to inspired creativity.  Either that, or I really do have something against cooks.

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