Monday, May 11, 2015

Selling Your Soul for Nothing

I can be a bit of a snob (I can hear my friends gasping: nooooo), and one thing that I'm snobby about is audio books.  I can't help but think: books are meant to be read, not listened to!  This despite the fact that many people I respect enjoy audio books.

Recently I was faced with driving to Atlantic City, a drive that takes six hours either way.  I had made a similar commute a few weeks ago, and the monotony of the road was a hard beast to face - by the end I was slapping myself in the face to keep awake.

So I decided to bite the bullet: a few days before my trip, I swallowed by pride, went to the library and checked out some audio books.  Was I a bit ashamed?  You bet!  Why?  Because I'm a snob!

And in the end it was all for naught: it turns out that the CD player in my car is just a facade.  There's a labelled opening on the dashboard, but after spending ten minutes trying to jam a disc in, I discovered that it's pure metal underneath.

I slapped myself all the way to Atlantic City and back :(

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