Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"I Dodge Away From The Psychically Controlled Car And Have It Hit The Giant"

Shadow of the Colossus is one of the best games for the Playstation 2, mixing jaw-dropping battles against panoramic gargantuan beasts with a contemplative mood that adds a sense of disquiet to your actions.  I sneaked a review of the game's story into Goodreads; if you're curious, you can read it here.

For some reason the game popped back into my mind recently, and as is my tendency I immediately ran to my daughter and started babbling all about it (I'm lucky that she's of an age where she still listens).

Fast forward a few days, and my daughter decides that we are going to play a new game in the car: each of us will take turns creating a Colossus, and the other person has to try and defeat it.  Here are my daughter's creations:

  • A Colossus found in what I can only imagine is an abandoned multi-story parking lot (and nevermind the early medieval feel of "Shadow of the Colossus").  It's made of cars and can also control "loose"cars, using them to try and ram you.  Defeated by having those cars ram it instead.
  • A Colossus that is a giant turtle.  Lives in a giant swamp surrounded by ravenous alligators (I got close to one and... "GAME OVER DADDY!  It ate your head!").  Has three holes on its back, only one of which is a true weak point; the others are distractions.  Its final weak point is located on the top of its head.  The turtle doesn't attack you; instead it swims around in desperate circles.  I felt bad defeating it, which just proves that my daughter was actually listening to my description of the game ("And you should feel bad!").
  • Some sort of armored Colossus dragon that blots out the sun, yet is small enough for the hero to quickly shimmy up its legs (my daughter does not really have a sense of scale).  Defeated by having it try and eat you, at which point you have to stab at its tongue.
  • A humanoid Colossus riding a giant horse.  It attacks by summoning one of four ephemeral avatars: a phoenix made out of fire energy; a tiger made out of light energy; a turtle made out of earth energy; and a dragon made out of air energy.  Reveals a different weakness each time it summons an avatar.
"Wait," I said.  "That last one sounds like it was inspired by the four kingdoms in 'Final Fantasy Type-0'".

"Yeah!  It's really cool, isn't it?"

 "Yes, but... do you just want to play a Type-0 game instead?"


And that's why we each created our own cadets of Class Zero and are now running them through the plot of 'Final Fantasy Type-0'.

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